Saturday, 31 March 2012


I need to stop.
To cease all living.
I need to think before acting
I know it sounds cheesy
But bare with me
If you truly care.
You see, my brain has this thing.
It's dense.
Other than that
There's nothing it can be
I don't know if this makes sense to you
Welcome to my brain, you must be new!
I made a foolish poem
In hopes of.. "venting"
My way of repenting?
Fat chance, there's no hope for me
I regret it
And now I need to pay
For the injustice
I've mounded onto you
My love for him,
I've never outgrown.
I should've seen it before
Before I wanted more
Before I led you on
Let you fall..
I'm not proud of this poem
It's of very poor quality..
I need to learn
Get it through your thick skull
That you can't go around
Using people
Hurting people
My attempts at love are so feeble
Wasted on unwanting hearts
While I steal the joy
From trusting souls
With my sick, twisted
Claws of pain
Ripping into their hearts..
I need to stop.

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