Saturday, 17 March 2012

Potato House!

My lap top's about to die.. Okay, so I didn't get to sleep until two in the morning last night, because of the monstrous being I commonly refer to as the 'spider'. I was planning on  getting up at 8 this morning, to fix myself up for the day, and head off with my brother and sister. I ended up getting woken up by my sister at 11, and we finally left at twelve. We headed out to the farm (where we used to live, before we moved out, before our mother died, before our step-father died.) with cleaning supplies and hot dogs for a lunch. Someone broke in. Again. The microwave was gone O.o .. So we got thirteen bags of garbage out of that house today, including the contents of the upstairs livingroom china cabinet/entertainment centre, as well as used needles from one dresser drawer from one of the downstairs bedrooms. I felt a very strong urge to wash the stairs that lead to the basement, they were atrocious.
 Check out Blake Bliss, he's amazing.

 All of his material is incredible, he really helped me a lot with my life.
This is going no where. I'm going to end this. Take care!
Potato house!

Field at my mother's.

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