Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Hot Iced Tea and Grapefruit. Time to start my messed up and unorganized blog of pictures. I thank you all so much that are looking at this, it completely makes my day to see all my pageviews : )
Three times today! That definitely isn't all
the blood, too. And no, it isn't
menstruating blood :S

Doggeh loved where I sprayed my bed too..

He messed up my bed....

Doggeh positively loved the air freshener, he was rolling and rolling around on the floor.
*a little spurtz*  Ignoring the vaccuum, which one is better? This one or....

This one?

I hung up my shirts
Step one: bottom sheet
Step two: blanket
Step three: favourite blanket
Step four: pillows!
Step five: make it look professional-like
Step six: final touches
Listening to it at the moment : )
My epic shirt I bought with my besties the other year!
The towel I use to dye my hair with.. That's just one side, too.
I noticed the difference in colour of my three green shirts..
I vaccuumed
My wall!
Listened to NeverShoutNever
I like it! Excpept my thumb looks really fat. But I really like it!
Listened to Call Me Maybe
Did laundry..
So apparently I like picture blogs. Maybe I'll do a vlog :3 Should I?
I watched Nathan, Blake and Cyr!

My bouncy ball.
My light switch! <3
I made sugar cookies from scratch, from my mom's recipie.
I watched Nathan and Destery play Legend of Zelda - Skyward Sword

This ring. Is bloody amazing.

I stared at the ceiling

I watched Shane Dawson!

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