Sunday, 25 March 2012

How Come pt. 2

So why, again with associating, why do we assume that just because an individual has one earring in, particularly the right ear, that they're gay? I'm not positive that this applies to females as well, but with males it's a more common thing to associate that with homosexuality. Now, since when did a PIECE OF JEWELRY -define- you as something? That's almost like saying if a girl wears bracelets, then she's a slut. Yes, some sluts wear bracelets. (This is a poor example..) Just because you wear a bracelet doesn't mean you're just like all the others that wear bracelets. Yes, some gays wear one or more earrings. Some don't. Just because a man wears jewelry, doesn't make him like everyone else that wears jewelry. That's stereotyping based on appearance, and is down right ignorant. Now, just because some gays don't wear jewelry doesn't make them straight. I don't know what perspective I'm going at this with, considering I have no idea what gender I'm attracted to. I do believe, however, that your attire does say something about who you are. A self-proclaimed goth would probably not go out of their way to wear pink.. I wouldn't really know, and I'm trying so desperately not to stereotype and assume, because everyone is different and has different reasons for different things. I can most definitely not speak for everyone who just dresses in black. Most definitely cannot. Considering I do have a flamboyant green shirt that I adore :3. Everyone should speak for themselves and have a very knowledgeable reason for their opinions. See, I wear black because I see the beauty in black, and simply because I like black. Not because it represents the dark and dreary persona I have inside my soul, darkened from my past and tainted by hate. No. I love life! I get down a lot, especially when my friends aren't happy. It's not that their depression spreads to me, it's that I get so concerned about them. Now, just because someone wears black doesn't mean they're depressed. *reference to yesterday's blog* .. Do not judge a book by it's cover: open it up to the middle and start reading, and gather your thoughts upon that. Now, I have two gay friends: the female doesn't wear one earring, the male does. : ) I have a few bi-sexual friends: the male wears two earrings, and they're quite cool. The females wear two earrings, or none at all. I don’t know, I’m blithering on and on about randomness which doesn’t exactly make sense. I shouldn't have fell asleep on the floor. -.- I don't think I'll be able to get up for my morning date.. :s I'm going to stop talking now.. nigh night. (I doubt I'll ever get around to that "How Come PT. 3")

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