Sunday, 18 March 2012

Immature Individuals

Okay, so I was playing Territory War Online. I was battling an opponent who claimed themself to be a female college student. They talked as though they were eight years old, and incessantly labelled me as a homosexual. Now, this individual didn't say it as such, they said, "ur gay". Isn't that mature for a 'college student' to say? I stated that, that, in my opinion, they are excruciatingly immature. This individual responded that they were, in fact, a female college student, and I should, in fact, respect them because they are older than I, and they are a female. Keep in mind, that this character wasn't speaking as I'm portraying 'her' to be. She was using poor spelling, horrid grammar, and terrible sentence structure. Now, I just finished playing against a very kind-hearted female, whom of which sounded incredibly intelligent and was just amazing to play against. Although, she had to depart from our gameplay, so my current opponent is pretty much like the first. This person just sent me a message saying, "go shit ass in ur titty". Now, what does that mean? It means, to my interpretation, that this generation is going to shit. *sigh* At least I have half a brain cell to use more vocabulary than profanity, as well as to try and not use words as derogatory terms.
PS: I speak some Spanish
Take care. : )

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