Friday, 16 March 2012

Contradicting Thoughts

My thoughts contradict my thoughts with three different thoughts within one thought. Welcome to my mind.
Okay! So! I'm loving life, absolutely loving it. Now, don't get me wrong, I know the suffering, misery and anguish numerous adolescents are going through. Legitimately, I do. I don't want to get into that though, I'm in way too good of a mood. I just learned that my best friend has Odaxelagnia, like me. Well, I don't know how to use that word in context, so I'll just hope you get my meaning. It means that he and I get sexual arousal from biting, particularly on the neck for us. Although, (I don't know about him, but) I don't get aroused by bites if it isn't someone I care about.. If it's a meaningless person, there's no meaning to it. Redundant, eh? I dunno.. Next subject, I'm finished talking about my sex life, or lack thereof. First class today, no one could access their photos to photoshop and edit them, then hand them into the teacher. I had brought my camera in so I could put the photographs I had taken of the sunset the previous night onto the school network, then edit them. Well, I was the only one in the class editing photos this morning. Also, I'm a little upset I was too involved with editing that I barely acknowledged my best friend.. :/ So now I'm texting him.. Carrying on, the teacher was actually surprised at the photos I had taken, he assumed I had taken them off the Internet. Which I consider a compliment. Next class.. Science! We took notes, an abundance of them, on the types of transport that cells take.. or something.. Hurrah. The science teacher complimented me on my presentation on scientists. She stated that the dragons I used as backgrounds were very "me" and it was nice that I personalised the presentation. Here goes lunch: I take a huge bite of my friend's hot dog (turns out I like mustard), and my "friend" asked me if he could sit down beside me. Not only did he piss me off because he had just seen me take a huge bite of a hot dog then asked me a question, expecting an answer immediately, he pissed me off by saying he was trying to be nice. His tone of voice just.. gah!  He's..just.. You know, usually I don't complain about people, respecting them and all. Honestly, though?! You just gotta get it out.. Onto more happier subjects, my sister was at the school when I got fed up and left the cafeteria, so I got to eat her Oreo blizzard, while walking around and talking to teachers :3. Next class: Social. We had banana splits, while watching a movie about bananas.
Three quarters through the class, the fire drill bell rang.. So we all went outside, it was reasonably nice out, thankfully. Next class, English. Now here is where most of the excitement occurs. I can't recall most of the details 'cause of my ecstasy (in the sense of happiness) then rage emotions sort of.. overtook my brain. Okay, the teacher asked us what we took pictures of last class in English. I took a picture of an empty classroom, lights turned off, the rays of sunshine entering through the back window  and reflecting on the row of lonely desks. We ended up discussing how some of us are afraid of silence, afraid of our thoughts, while others are glad to be alone. Then there are some like me, whom of which fit into both categories. Well the teacher ended up yelling, which made a friend laugh, which made my best friend laugh, which made me laugh.. :S not good. Anyway, I walked a friend home.. I really like walking friends home. But I ended up walking through a sopping wet field..

My shoes, sopping wet.
Well, it's the weekend. Staying home, with my family, as usual. Blogging all day.
I wanna see a movie with a friend.. :/
Well I'm done talking for the time being.
My many, many thanks go out to all who read this : )
Take care.

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