Friday, 23 March 2012

Random Update...

I apologise for not blogging. Like it matters, anyway. I'm merely a speck, or less than a speck, of random person on this enormous world. I hardly make a difference, and I'm pretty sure my blogs don't do anything for anyone. Later, I hope to write a blog named "How Come?". It will be on the subject of earrings. I would like to write a second part to that blog on ..something. I forgot. I suddenly remember picking scabs out of my hair when I was younger and had chicken pox. Odd.
Well, lunch is over in fifteen minutes. My friend got a reasonably deep papercut from my binder, and she started smearing the blood onto her sandwich, claiming blood tastes good. I agree, to an extent. It's good in small amounts, not huge doses at once.((I'm such a freak.) My science teacher called me a vampire today. I have Social next with one of my absolute favourite teachers. Then English with my best friend, whom of which is being a brat, being as he won't finish his sentence from last night. It's driving me insane. So, my other friend with awesome purple hair, cannot come over after school today, with my apparently not completing my chores from the previous day. Yes, because I can remember every single little teensy weensy itty bitty small tiny word you tell me, when I'm worried sick about my best friend. I'm sorry. I'm going to sign off, take care of yourself.

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