Friday, 23 March 2012

Random Update.. 2

Ha. So. I dropped my phone in the toilet. Now, considering my profound desire to communicate, along with my week-long spring break, I'm predicting numerous blogs coming your way. I'm sitting here, blowdryer in hand, attempting to dry my phone and battery.. I'm doubting it'll work. But hey, it's worth a shot. Let's see, testing it... IT FUCKING WORKS! IT MOTHERFUCKING WORKS OH MY GOD! Well, the buttons are majorly malfunctioning, but maybe a little more blowdrying will fix that. So, I hope you'll understand, that I'm blogging off and on, because *breaks out into song* I've got places to go, people to see, the penitentiary ain't no place for me. I'm warning you do not tempt me, I'll run up and squeeze and put a hole in you.. *unbreak of song* So I've thought of another subject for my "How Come" blog. Assumptions. Now, I'm talking about the broad category here, but on the actual blogs regarding the subject, I'm hoping to speak on a more specific level.. You'll see. Also, I'm blogging off and on, as always, because I'm facebook browsing. I shut my phone off again, let's see if that helps.. I really hope it does.. :S Okay, this is going no where. Signing off. Take care, I'll try and blog them blogs soons.

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