Friday, 23 March 2012

How Come pt. 1

Here we go, let's see if I can get through this. How come we associate black with death? Why is black stereotyped with being depressed and mourning? I acknowledge, however, that in some cases this is true. Why don't we associate black with the beauty of the night, the stars and happiness? Gosh, I don't sound very intelligent.. I understand that, yes, inside coffins is dark and such.. Okay, just because you wear dark clothes, and stay away from people, doesn't mean you're depressed. There are depressed individuals that wear everyday clothes and they aren't stereotyped as depressed. My opinion? Get to know the person before you assume. Don't assume: even better. You only know what people tell you, the rest is assumptions and guessing. See, I was thinking. Scary, right? That what if someone were to dress, every single day, in one shade of blue. Yes, they wouldn't be construed as normal, but they wouldn't be stereotyped as depressed. Looks and appearances are SO incredibly important to today's society. Yes, looks were always, always important to everybody, always. Just more and more so over the years.. So.. So focused on perfect hair and complexion, straight, vibrant white teeth. Girls, you're not allowed any hair except on your head. You can't wear pants that don't accentuate your ass, shirts that don't show cleavage. Speaking of which, you simply aren't right if you don't have at least a C cup by age fifteen. But wait! There's more! See, if you wear this type of clothing, you're a slut! Now paint on your face, both metaphorical and not, and face the world and be expected to smile and wave, smile and wave. This would sound a lot better if I could read this to you..  Because none of us are perfect the way we are, "A little nip here and a little tuck there. Great, now come back next week for some more!" Now, ask me how this went from stereotyping black clothing to this? Not important. Yes, society! You're beautiful the way you are! Now, just a little photoshop here, there! Miss Photoshopped, you can make the advertisement for self-love for what you are! Even the plus-sized women aren't that plus sized. Obsessed with making others love you, you absolutely loathe yourself and change yourself to please them! If you change yourself.. are you really yourself? Now. Men. Get your muscles all big and strong, because all girls love big muscular men who inject steroids! You need a six pack to fit my standards, your hair needs to be cut short, I definitely don't like long hair or originality in my guys. Oh yes, because I like guys. Now, I want my guys to be exactly like the next: bronzed skin, bulging biceps, and raging six packs. I don't want them to have any emotions, or know how to cry during a movie. That's what men are: manly men. Sorry, I'm just venting.. Dafuq, society. Dafuq.

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