Monday, 19 March 2012

Food Substances

You know how you eat, let's say, KFC or McDonald's for a meal, but your parents or guardians deny you the right to eat chips, or the like? Like, what? See, from my perspective, KFC (by the way, I'm only using KFC as a main example because that is what I am currently eating) is a bunch of grease and preservatives. Basically. Chips are, as well. You may say, "Chelsey, KFC has chicken in it! It isn't all bad!". I agree with you there, although, chips have potatoes in them. Parents still don't allow you to indulge ourselves in the unhealthy substance that are chips, but they allow you to consume KFC as a meal. Now, to me, a meal is supposed to be a time to eat a fair share of vegetables, proteins and vitamins. I do absolutely agree that KFC does have some nutritional value, as does anything. I'm merely stating my point of view, which says.. multiple things. For one, why is KFC any better than chips, or most other 'junk food'? Also, meals are about nutrition and being healthy, not consuming substances that have high grease content, and are incredibly processed. Substances we refer to as 'food'. Well, I come to the conclusion that I am through with that subject for the time being..

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