Thursday, 15 March 2012

Complaining. ...Or not so much

My excuse for complaining? It would take faaar too long to elaborate on all the amazing things in life, such as my friends. So I merely complain, for it's faster and simpler than going into depth about everything, which no one probably gives a shit about anyway. Exceeeept (why did I just type a question mark into the URL address? O.o) today was great. Just like the majority of days at school; I love school. The people there are amazing: the popular kids stay to themselves, and I've only gotten bullied once. Last year, in my old school in grade 9, I had basically two friends, out of a school of 95 adolescents. I self mutilated, as I was severely depressed, with my mother dying and multiple other tragic events. Oh- I'm also hideous. Since starting at my new school, a high school, with- five hundred students? I have dyed my hair black, and seriously started on the quest for self-creation. After all, "Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." -Someone I Can't Remember Their Name. Although, the past? It's inundated with topics we could blog about, or events I could relive for you. Nah, I don't exactly feel up to that challenge, or maybe I'm not ready. Maybe once in a while I'll share a select tid-bit with you concerning my past tense, but who knows? Back to the present moment! Rather, earlier today.. I fell asleep at 12 a.m., only to get woken up by my brother (whom had slept in the room bordering my west wall) at 4:30 a.m., saying that apparently we had to depart to Edmonton an hour than I had been notified, meaning I had half an hour to ready myself for the school day, and get my outfit together, which is pretty difficult some days (chains galore and skull belts for two examples). So, my brother and I had a very in depth discussion about how our minds are different than a lot of folk, and he helped me so much. So. Much. He assisted me in figuring out what I'm thinking and such. My mind contradicts itself too much. Example: I respect other's opinions, and take them into account in a debate. I may disagree with their opinion, but as long as their mature about it, and have a solid reason for why they believe what they do, I respect them. Although, I strongly disagree with homophobes and racists. I don't respect their opinion, but should I? They should learn to accept people as they are, by their personality, not WHAT they are. But should I accept them as they are, homophobes and racists? I don't think so... That's just my opinion, though. Maybe they think I should think the way they do, eh? You see, my brother is amazing. He knows how I think, and he can help me learn how to ..think. Shit, where did I put my flash drive? Shit.. I need that.
 Wifi, why you no be fast? Okay, there we go! Well, basically, I'm going to ramble on about whatever the heck comes to my mind. So the project I handed in last night? It was very poorly done. Why? I was preoccupied with developing my poem for Poetry Slam (you get up in front of the high school and read an original poem). My poem was actually pretty good. Blake Bliss from YouTube inspired it, and it was quite motivational. Of course, my two best friends in English.. well their poems were just amazing. Shea is incredibly moving when she presents poetry, and she is simply a PHENOMENAL writer. Just.. wow. Anyway, I was so ready to present my poem this morning. Which is surprising, because I had spent my whole life fearing presenting and public speaking. This time? Nope, I was so psyched!! Hmm... Seems my step mother booked a doctor's appointment in Edmonton. I couldn't go to Poetry Slam. I was crushed. Excruciatingly so. *sigh* There's honestly so much I could talk about, but I don't exactly want to mention individual's names.. *shrug* Shenanigans. WHICH reminds me. I have the best brother ever, I love him! He made me laugh SO hard on the way home from Edmonton! Tears were streaming down both my cheeks.. >.<
Well, since I've gone this long without introducing myself.. I might as well do it now. I am Chelsey. I am 15, turning 16 in July. I don't want a sweet 16.. but my dad said that I should go and plan a sweet 16. All I want is a tongue peircing, but no, apparently it rots your teeth. Let's see, any good ideas for a sweet 16 for a girl who doesn't quite fit in, but doesn't exactly want to? Anyway, I like metal music, and well.. just not horrid pop that just sings about sex and drugs. "The future doesn't pass, and the past won't overtake the present. All that remains is an obsolete illusion. We are afriad of all the things that could not be: a phantom agony." -Phantom Agony by Epica. Let's see, here.. "Yo, I be up in party looking for a hottie to bone. I got a drink in my hand and it's just called buffalo. Poppin' bottles in the house with the models in the V.I.P. All the girls make out for the whole damn club to see." (Sorry For Party Rockin' - LMFAO) <--- Is there any depth to those song lyrics? They don't have a deeper meaning in them, they don't speak to me. Sure, song like that are great in their own way. They just aren't very great to me. Except.. I'm an odd person. Have I rambled enough? I don't know if you've made it this far, or you stopped after the first word.. I don't know if anyone's reading this. Oh well. Anywhore, I have three step siblings, two biological siblings, a step mother, and a father. I like neon green, but wear, for the most part, only black. My hair is actually black/blue/purple. I am non-judgemental, I don't stereotype (or I try extremely hard not to). Holy christ, I talk a lot.. My apologies. See you, take care! : )

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