Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Random Update.. 3

I'm failing as a blogger! Lol, I'm just not posting a lot.. Life is busy and chaotic! So I'm going to clean my room here soon, it's a terrible mess. Kay, so I studied for part of the first class, the next two classes, and lunch. Not just that, I just meant that's all I studied today. What for? The unit test in social immediately after lunch. Now, let's hope I didn't study all that for nothing, and <oh god, so I'm watching danisnotonfire and I just spit all over my lap top because I burst out laughing> let's hope that I don't fail so bad, that I study that much and I still bomb the test. That would be terrible. After <my bracelet lock is seriously rubbing against the lap top when I'm typing fast and it's really loud>  the test, I wrote out my entire essay I wrote for English, and then I added a whole bunch more. In English next class though, he said it wasn't due until tomorrow. So I just sat there, in my chair, listening to Tim and the others talk. I could've written more, and I should have, but seriously my brain was dead from last class. And earlier today. So I found five bucks while walking home. That made me happy. In science I was partnered with a brat, which gave me the time to study. Okay, so <I say "so" a lot> Blake Bliss <OMG BLAKE BLISS> messaged me back on youtube <OMG> which made my day again. He smiled! :D I'm going to write him a letter in Flex tomorrow, I will. It's going be in my new notebook :3 I really like that notebook. I wrote seven pages of notes in it for the social test. I'm hungry. I'm listening to a playlist of Blake Bliss.. I should be cleaning my room, I should. I will. Ish.. I'll make my bed and hope for early sleep. I want farm water. I want to run, and act like a child again. That was fun yesterday!! I almost dropped my phone in the toilet again today. I forgot my memory card in the computer in first class yesterday, but fortunately someone turned it in! My gratitude goes out to you! I'm actually thirsty.. I'm going to sign off here, go get some water and OH! I need to buy something pink, asap. I shall sign off now, take care.

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