Friday, 6 April 2012

Oh my gosh, so much sneezing!

Well. I've sneezed four times today. I was discussing with a friend our wishes, and one of her wishes was to be 18. I personally don't want to be 18 or older, because of multiple reasons. See, she mainly wanted to be 18 so she didn't have to wait for All Ages Shows. I'm assuming that's a band.. But I told her I'm focusing on school, and her reply was, "I'm not.".. *sigh* While I'm drowning myself with knowledge, notebooks and no social life, my best friend is concerning herself with criminal behaviour, illegal things, not school. Well I suppose that explains my high marks in social. A bloody 100% on a unit test.. Apparently I'm the worst person in the world to confide in. I suck. I have a feeling I'm going to hole up in my room tomorrow when the massive group of people is over. Are over? Is over? Ha, so I fail at "draw something", an ipod app. I fail even more at temple run. meh. I napped from 7-10:30pm yesterday, then stayed awake til 5am. I woke up at 9:50 feeling very refreshed. I didn't come out of my room until after noon, though. I really like my room! Maybe I'll do a panorama of it and show you. Maybe not. But another panorama in Digital wouldn't hurt. So I revamped my lock bracelet after I tore it off last week.

It's spring. Why haven't I seen a storm?

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